That Soothing Experience

A few days away from from our hectic work and in the lap of nature always helps us to relax mentally and physically. And that if coupled with our program would indeed be a great experience a soothing experience to refresh and rejuvenate your life.Ayurved Lounge program would indeed be a lifetime experience and just that kind of rejuvenation you were looking for. 

Why Ayurved Lounge

We do understand the work pressure that everybody undergoes today,thus resulting in some or the other kind of ailments which need to treated in the best possible way, because life is beautiful and everybody deserves to live a good healthy life. And that is why we at Ayurved Lounge Ayurved Lounge decided to strike a balance- a balance of Ayurvedic Programmes and specialized therapies designed by us to give the best possible results, a balance of therapies to discover and rejuvenate your inner self. The whole environment at Ayurved Lounge is geared towards fitness,healthy eating,relaxation. So now, with a modern twist, we still bring about renewal and well-being, as well as allowing you to relax,reflect,revitalise,and rejoice which is why you can call our program"The Freedom Retreat" of Ayurved Lounge

Freedom Retreat

If you are experiencing stress, chronic fatigue,physical and/or emotional pain,weight problems,relationship difficulties,addictions,anger, and have done everything or nothing- Freedom Retreats from Ayurved Lounge may be your answer to reclaim your optimum health. Tailored by our ayurvedacharya, this unique program activates your body's innate healing energies,helping you to restore a state of balance. By utilizing a wide range of healing modalities,each day you correct your imbalances and move towards a new freedom

Ayurvedic Consultation

For those who wish to understand fully their constitutional balance and how best to maintain this state through diet, exercise, and lifestyle advice on dealing with emotional and physical stress. Includes pulse point diagnosis by a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.


As someone said we can achieve supreme consciousness through meditations and yoga. Our program which blends yoga,meditation,nature and wellness package is a perfect way to harmonise your body and soul. Here at Ayurved Lounge Ayurved Lounge the individual expert advice focuses on those asanas,which are suitable to your body in particular. Yoga practices helps in attending higher level of concentration, enhanced energy levels,leading to better productivity as well as immunity.


Meditation eliminates that meaningless state of existance and helps you to become aware of a higher purpose in life,letting you achieve a greater level of satisfaction and peace of mind.


Yoga Scriptures have long discovered that the mind can be controlled when breathing is regulated. Pranayama helps to control the mind and balance the vital energy of the body.

Stress Management

Relaxation to the body mind complex forms the essence of this programme.