One who bears in his attractive four hands counch, circular weapon, a set of leechesand a pot with ambrosia, whose fine, shining and pure upper garment makes him appear especially wonderful, whose eyes are like lotus flower, whose bright bodily luster is of the color of a fresh rain cloud, whose beautiful waist is adored by a magnificent yellow dress and who burns away all diseases just like a forest fire, to such a Lord Dhanvantari, I bow respectfully.





Our Mission

The mission of Ayurveda For You is to provide comprehensive and authentic information about Ayurveda. We strive hard to do this through our various activities. Ayurveda For You is in the process of evolution as an International organization ready to flourish all over the World with fusion of Perfect Vision, Hard Work and Enthusiastic Team.



Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery


Well known for her medical practice and as an accomplished Ayurved teacher, Dr. Sheetal Chopade brings with her, years of experience in this noble field. She is a strong believer of ayurved which is an ancient and proven indian medican science.

Dr Sheetal is a practicing licensed doctor for past 18yrs with many of her patients within India and abroad. She has 12+ years of teaching experience and she is also a renkowned visiting professor in Germany, France and Switzerland. Below is a concise synopsis of her career and tenures in terms of medical experience.

Runs Own Panchkarma centre in Pune since last 5 years. Worked as a Production Manager In an Indian Ayurvedic manufacturing company for 3 years. Was a Director In Oriental Ayurveda health Products Pvt. Ltd.



Interview on Local Channel - Medicinal and Nakshatra Trees

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